SkinFit Ulitmate Buffing Cloth


Our SkinFit Ultimate Buffing Exfoliates the entire body as it polishes your skin leaving it silky smooth and soft.

Saves up to 4 times more body wash – The SkinFit Ultimate Buffing Cloth has a weave design that can create more and more lather as you exfoliate. Its as simple jump in the shower, add your body wash to the cloth and buff away.


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Super Hygienic and durable, rinses clean and dries quickly after each use so no bacteria can harbour within the cloth.

Excellent for prep for applying tan and also great for buffing away old tan residue

Stimulates your skin through physical exfoliations and promotes blood circulation.

We made our cloth extra long to exfoliate even your back with ease and comfort

Lightweight and easy to carry in our SkinFit frosted waterproof pouch, making it a great choice for the gym and travelling.