Laser Scar / Strechmark Treatment

Are you embarrassed by your scar, acne scars or stretch marks?

When we have an accident or minor injury, our bodies work to repair the damage as quickly as possible. This means they focus on a quick repair, a scar, rather than a neat one. Stretch marks may be the result of pregnancy, or a sudden change of weight or shape, but the elastin fibres in the dermis break rather than stretch, and areas of deeper skin show through. Acne scars are the result of the body’s response to severe acne, when our defense mechanism releases powerful enzymes, that work not only on the bacteria, but also damage the surrounding tissue.

How does the treatment work?

Selective Waveband Technology (SWT®) treatment alone can produce a significant improvement in scar tissue, particularly in the case of surgical or trauma scars. It does this by creating a vascular response in the blood vessels around the scar, which in turn leads to collagen replacement. Frax 1550nm laser treatment works by creating very small, very controlled islands of heat damage, surrounded by healthy normal skin. When the body repairs this controlled damage, collagen in the whole of the treated area is replaced, but more neatly than it was before. We use a combination treatment using SWT followed by the Frax 1550nm producing an improved result with less treatments.

Which problems can be treated?

Frax 1550 treatments can be used on most types of scars and on stretchmarks. The best results will be found on scars or stretchmarks that are quite recent, rather than very old pale ones.

How long does the treatment take?

Frax 1550nm treatment normally involves the use of a local numbing cream, which is normally applied 30-40 minutes before treatment. Typically treatment procedure itself takes from 15-45 minutes, depending on the size of the area to be treated.