SkinFit Derma Roller


Enhance the effectiveness of the ingredients in topical products. Restore the look of skin tightness in the early stages of aging. Speed up the reduction in the appearance of uneven skin tone and texture. Reduce the appearance of fine lines and scars.

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At home SkinFit Derma Roller routine.

Wash your hands thoroughly

1- Double cleanse your skin

2- Apply serum

3- Derma Roll using very gentle movements. Only roll in 1 direction, don’t twist or rotate the roller.

4- Apply more serum massage into skin

5- Allow the skin to calm and do not touch your skin once step 4 is complete.


What to expect after treatment?

Normal response to expect after SkinFit Derma roller treatment

Redness and mild heat due to increased blood flow

Tingle sensation

Minor shedding and tightness may occur


How to SkinFit derma roll properly?

Gently roll over your derma roller in a vertical, horizontal and diagonal direction three to four times per area. If you are using it on your face, roll it twice on your forehead, cheeks, lips, chin and neck. No need for you to press it too hard because you may induce pain and or puncture the skin. Apply just enough pressure as you can comfortably tolerate. Take extra care when rolling underneath your eyes and lip area because these areas are too sensitive. Do not apply any serum or roll over the eyelids.

How often can I roll my skin?

One of the common questions of first-timers is how often do they have to use their SkinFit derma  roller? Actually, there is no fixed or hard rule as to when your next session will be. You may use derma rollers as often as few times a week or you may use it once a month, depending on your preference and the area to be rolled. The principle here is that you should have an occasional derma rolling session to stimulate the repair process of the skin to continue healing until your skin achieves the cosmetic level.

Start rolling twice a week for 2 weeks, then add a third night for a further two weeks.

Build up a night until you can roll every night.

Not every skin can tolerate rolling 7 nights per week so allow your skin to adjust and do what is comfortable for your own skin.

How to clean your SkinFit derma roller?

If you plan to use your SkinFit derma roller at home, you have to make sure that your derma rolling area is clean and sanitized. You need to disinfect the table area where you need to put your derma rollers. You also need to put the device on a sterile area to prevent any contamination and spread of any infection. You may use isopropyl alcohol or sanitizer.

  • Rinse under boiling water and place  Sanitiser on the Roller . Leave it to rest for around  10-15 minutes.
  • Wash the sanitiser off the device with warm water, then boiling water again and leave to dry  completely before storing away. Do not leave to soak overnight.
  • Do this after every use
  • Always store your SkinFit derma roller in the case it comes in.


Check your SkinFit derma rollers for any needle breakage

Home care derma rollers can be used for several months. Just make sure that you regularly check the rollers, if it is still in good condition. If the needles break, dispose of it immediately or else it may be left in your skin while rolling which can cause inflammation and infection.

Don’t be shy to ask

Being a first-time user, you may have lots of doubts about the product. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask, so you can get good and appropriate advice.

Ask only the expert

Make sure that when you ask, you go for the right person. Ask our professional Skin Therapist if you have any doubts about the treatment plan.
Be patient with your recovery time

You may experience minor shedding or tightness and this is normal. Apply extra moisturizer for the next couple of nights and always wear SPF during the daytime. Safety First

Never use the same SkinFit Derma roller for other parts of the body i.e face or scalp. Separate rollers should be used. Never share a SkinFit Derma roller with another person. Do not use SkinFit Derma roller if pregnant, lactating or have any Auto-immune diseases, Diabetes, Active acne, breakouts or active Rosacea or sensitivity. Do not use retionl or acid based serums for rolling. Do not use if you have any allergies to metal.