Carboxytherapy is an advanced facial treatment that harnesses the effects of carbon dioxide infusion to the skin. A powerful CO2 flow, at a very low temperature and a very high pressure, combined with high concentrations of active hylaronic acid. The treatment has been known to be called ‘magic gas’ because it causes an exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide.

This originated in Europe where carbon dioxide injections were used for medical treatment. This will cause the blood vessels to widen for the improvement of blood flow and as a result increase the transport of oxygen for to various tissues for cellular regeneration as well as act as an anti-inflammatory. Japan & the USA further developed this principle to formulate the treatment without using needles.


You get instant results right after the treatment.
• Lightens eye circles and wrinkled skin around the eyes
• Decreases facial pigmentations
• Lifts the facial skin, leading to decrease in wrinkles and tightening of the skin
• Moisturises & rejuvenates the skin
• Decreases pore size
• Reduces inflammation

The treatment takes minutes to complete. It can als0 be added to our skin treatments and micro-needling treatments.

The treatment is totally painless and feels so comfortable that all of our patients are able to relax while receiving Carboxytherapy.

There are no known adverse side effects of the treatment.

Even just 1 session, you will get instant skin lifting, volume, plumping and skin brightening results. We advise a course of 6 to gain maximum hylauronic acid in the skin over a 6 week period. We then advise maintenance treatments as lifestyle, environment effect skin health and aging. Your skin expert will devise your maintenance plan.

• Instant Results
• 100% Painless
• No Down Time
• No Peeling of Skin
• No Redness of Skin
• No Needles Involved
• Facial Lifting
• Skin Tightening & Brightening
• Reduction in Dark Post-Acne Scars
• Radiant, Glowing & Healthy-Looking Skin
• No Side Effects