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Introducing SkinGym

Introducing ‘Skin Gym’ a new concept in skin health and age management. A subscription service, that allows members to benefit from monthly treatment at a reduced cost. Plus additional ‘member-only’ benefits including free upgrades on treatments, savings on home care and continual monitoring of yours skin journery. For your SkinGym Consultation book here


If you have a Gym Membership

If you have a gym membership to help with your fitness goals, then why not a skin gym membership to help with your complexion goals?


Just Like going to a Gym

Just like going to a gym, you don’t achieve the body of your dreams overnight from a single session. It takes commitment and a series of workouts to achieve your goals. Skin treatments are no different. Committing to regular treatment is the best way to help to achieve your goals. Improving overall skin health as part of an age management programme.


As Your Skin Experts

As your Skin experts, we act as your skins ‘personal trainer’. Putting it through an intense workout. While also providing you with the knowledge and tools to continue ‘training’ with home care in-between visits.

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Your 'Induction' to SkinGym

Each subscription also includes an ‘induction’. An advanced skin consultation and skin analysis to help identify skin concerns and complexion goals. We also test the skin hydration levels to get an accurate reading from the get go, giving you a clear plan.



Just like many gym memberships, the skingym has different levels of subscription packages depending on your needs. You also get to choose from 3 or 6 month membership. The longer you’re a member, the more money you save!


Membership Packages Includes

A Jardines Signature skin consultation

This is not just any skin consult, this takes you through your skins past present and a future program to skin health.

We cover all aspects that may have an impact on skin health like lifestyle, diet, stress, hormones, skin care and supplements.

This is also very educational so you can Learn about Your skin and not just a product.

Value €30


A Signature skin workout

This 60 minuet treatment is designed to suit the skins individual needs targeting very specific concerns. From deep level exfoliation, pressure point and european style massage to drain toxins, increase blood flow  and give your skin a full cardio workout, to potant serums and masques to produce a visible plumping effect straight after your session!

Value €75


Free LED light therapy upgrades

Led light treatments rejuvenates, hydrates, plumps and plumps the skin. It also has an anti bacterial effect on Acne while have an anti-inflammatory effect on Rosacea and Inflammation.

Value €20 add on


FREE Ultra Sonic upgrade

Ultra sonic is an electric modality that pushes active ingrediants into the skin to super charge their effect. This is greatly enhanced giving instant results when combined with exfolation. This upgrade will also give you longer lasting results from your treatments.

Value €15


Touch Therapy

Choose a touch therapy massage for your hands, feet or scalp to further improve well being.

Value €15


*Plus 10% Off all homecare products

Average savings on 3 products €20


*Plus 10% savings on other treatments throughout your membership.


3 Month Membership €300

Saving €180


6 Month Membership €540

Saving €420


The longer your a member the more you save!


If your considering regular skin treatments then SkinGym is the ideal program to help you achieve your goals.


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3 Month Membership

6 Month Membership

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