Skin Therapy / Micro Injector 217

Jardines is one of Irelands first skin clinics approved to treat clients with Micro Injector – a revolution in skin therapy. Micro Injector is suitable for all skin types and can be used everywhere on the body. It is a micro needling device that offers skin rejuvenation by creating thousands of vertical microscopic channels into the dermis, stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin. That’s the science bit!

In essence, Micro Injector 217 is a revelation because it penetrates through the skins top layers to reach the dermis. As a result, the treatment replenishes natural nutrients and restores skin cell activity to produce healthy, glowing, beautiful skin!

Whilst slightly invasive, the Micro Injector 217 produces great results whilst allowing you to return to your normal everyday immediately, with a very, very short recovery period.
What can be treated?
  • Pigmentation & Age Spots
  • Aging, Sagging Skin
  • Lines & Wrinkles
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Scars and stretch marks
Having tested the outcome and results by availing of the treatment myself I can only urge you to book a consultation to see the results for yourself.
Results are visible after just one treatment.
Micro Injector 217 face & neck treatment €180
Micro Injector 217 face treatment €150
Micro Injector 217 eye treatment €75
Micro Injector Lip treatment €75


Micro Injector 217 Face & Neck €200
Micro Injector 217 Face €180
Micro Injector 217 Eye €125
Micro Injector Lip €125
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